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Books by Nicola Barry

Books by Nicola Barry

Mother's Ruin book coverMother’s Ruin 

is a devastating account of a childhood lost to a mother’s drinking. Nicola Barry, now a successful and well-known journalist, was brought up in Edinburgh; both her parents were doctors. But behind the doors of their home, Nicola’s mother was drinking herself to death. Her alcoholism was to have far-reaching and tragic consequences on the whole family. But as well as being a harrowing story of addiction, the book is also a very vivid and engaging picture of a dysfunctional family, warmly told, and by turns touching and bleakly funny.

‘Small moments of aching sadness are told without self-pity, and the author’s humour, sympathy and love for her damaged mother shine through in an ultimately uplifting read’
Aberdeen Evening Express

Published  July 2007


Fat? So!

Fat. Everyone has it, everyone hates it and everyone does their damndest to get rid of it. 
Step up Lucy Latimer, daytime TV host whose battle with her weight is a 24/7, 365-day-a year campaign. You name it, she’s tried it: Weightwatchers, Atkins, food-combining, miracle pills, health farms without number. 
It’s not that she looks bad, quite the opposite. Rubenesque would probably describe her best and there has certainly never been a shortage of men in her life yet she still has a toxic view of herself. Her viewers love her because she is like them – not the statutory stick insect who believes it is her duty to go to bed hungry. However, Lucy’s problems run a lot deeper than being overweight. 

Published on Kindle, May 2014

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